Hadassah gala will honor long-time member Beverly Goldberg

Hadassah Southern Arizona will hold a gala celebration in honor of long- time Tucson resident and Hadassah member Beverly Goldberg on Sunday, Jan. 23 at 12:30 p.m. at the Skyline Country Club.

Goldberg was born in New York to a family deeply rooted in Zionism and moved with her family to Tucson in 1964. She was president of the Keren group of the Tucson Chapter of Hadassah 1967-1969, president of the Tucson Chapter from 1969-1971, and was the first president of the Desert Southwest Region of Hadassah. She has been a member of the National Board of Hadassah for 31 years.

Dr. Mordecai Popovtzer, past head of nephrology at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, will speak on “Hadassah – a pioneer in promoting health and education in Israel and outreach to other countries.” Popovtzer has been a professor of clinical medicine at the University of Arizona since 2004.

The cost of the event is $60. To reserve, call 319-3535.

Dr. Mordechai Popovtzer will speak at Hadassah lunch.