Jewish talks part of Ethnic Studies week at Pima Community College

Sharon Glassberg
Guy Gelbart

Sharon Glassberg, director of the Coalition for Jewish Education of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, and Guy Gelbart, director of the Israel Center, will present talks at Pima Community College Downtown Campus during Ethnic Studies Week, Oct. 1-7.

Glassberg will discuss Jewish identity from a historical and modern perspective on Monday, Oct. 4, 10:30-noon; Gelbart will present “Jewish Renewal in Israel” on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 10:20-noon. Both free talks will be held in the Amethyst Room and are open to the public.

“Ethnic Studies Week is an opportunity for educational institutions and educators to showcase their many benefits to students and the broader community,” says Francisca James Hernandez, Ph.D, of the anthropology program at PCC. She is one of the 185 educators who are initiators of Ethnic Studies Week nationally. The grassroots movement was endorsed by educational and activist organizations as a “nationally coordinated week of actions to defend ethnic studies and academic freedom,” says Hernandez.

Locally, it is being implemented by Pima Community College, the University of Arizona and St. Gregory College Preparatory School. For more information, visit www.ethnicstudiesweekoctober1-7.org.